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Fishing Guide


The new fishing events are a sleek way to make a few extra dollars on the server as well as compete in who has a bigger fish!

This guide will help you get a better pole, a bigger fish, and have a chance to win those competitions easier.

Fish off, lets get you familiar with the menu /fish menu. Here you will be able to access a few different key feature that will make your fishing experience that much easier. Below I will explain each and every area.


- Fish Sell Shop - Here you can shift right click in your fish or drag and drop, and they can be sold here for money. There is a special fish that grants a multiplier displayed at bottom on the "fish" icon. The sell prices of your fish do not change and are displayed on the "paper" icon at bottom as well. When you are satisfied, click the emerald to sell.

- Deliveries - Timed fishing quests. You can complete these for extra money. Some of these are very difficult.


- Codex - A list of fish caught and where to catch them. Lists name and biome to catch them..... Yes, you have to catch specific fish in specific biome's!

- Scales - You can weigh your fish at a chance to either gain more money or less when you sell your fish at the Fish Sell Shop. Once you weigh them, they stay with their weight even in your inventory.

- Fish Bag - Nowhere you can "store" fish. Now you may be wondering why would you store it when you can sell it or gut them? This is a big thing..... For those that have gotten this far I will share...Save your fish for the deliveries. Save it all. Its a pain to have to do the "timed" mission when it takes less time when you already have the fish!

- Gutting Station - You need to gut fish if you want to upgrade your fishing pole.. When you gut your fish you get something called Enthropy. The more you get the better. You use this with items for Augments. See below.

- Skill Points - <Coming Soon> This is a new feature and when there is more information I will update the guide.


- Augments - These are attachments you buy and add to your fishing rod to do extra things! From catching higher grade fish to more XP while fishing! The list of the augments can be seen in the book at top but here below I will show you an example.


In summary, if you seek to make money, you can do so by fishing. Keep on fishing to build up your fishing pole making it bigger with augments and gain more money later on.